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Life as fast as you want it

Welcome to True North

It’s time for a broadband service that connects you to the people, information, and entertainment you hold dear while still maintaining the values of the Arrowhead.

100 Mbps
$65.94 mo.
Extraordinary speed means you never wait. Everything online, in an instant.
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200 Mbps
$80.94 mo.
Get the whole family online at once, streaming, gaming, and more.
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300 Mbps
$100.94 mo.
Connect all of your devices at once, stream movies and music smoothly.
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500 Mbps
$120.94 mo.
A pure, fast connection for all of your internet needs, all of the time.
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Prices include Superior Whole Home Wi-Fi, with a top-of-the-line wireless router, a wireless mesh unit if needed, and our incredibly helpful technical support for wireless connections.

Add a phone plan to your Internet service, and save $5 per month! Click here to view our phone plans.

Contact us today to upgrade to a better internet experience: 218-663-9030 or

Seasonal Suspension

Contracted subscribers may suspend service once per year for up to six months at a time. The charge for each suspended service is $10.00 per month. Service must remain active for six months after any suspension. Your contract is paused while the service is suspended and resumes when you reactivate. Your existing plan and pricing are restored. Please give us two business day’s notice for suspension changes.