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Operation Round Up

What is Operation Round Up?

Beginning in August 2002, members of Arrowhead Electric Cooperative began a program to provide financial assistance to worthwhile projects and charities throughout Arrowhead’s service territory. Member participation in this program, called Operation Round Up, is voluntary.

Contributions made to the Operation Round Up Trust are used to provide financial support in areas including Community Service, Economic Development, Education and Youth, and Environment.

We recently expanded the program to allow True North subscribers to participate as well.

Each month, True North Broadband will “round up” the bills of participating members to the next dollar. For example, if your broadband bill is $74.64 we would round that up to $75.00. The additional $0.36 would go directly to the Operation Round Up Trust. The annual average contribution from a participant is $6.00. The most a participant could contribute annually would be $11.88.

The Arrowhead Electric Trust Board administers the fund. The Board is independent of the Cooperative’s Board of Directors. The Trust Board evaluates requests for donations from the fund and contributions are distributed to the local community annually. Since the program began in 2002 over $322,000 of member contributions have been distributed throughout Cook County.

Contributions to Operation Round Up are voluntary. If you do not want to participate in the program, contact our office via phone (877-602-7769) or email ( to end contributions from your account.

2019 Operation Round Up Grants Awarded


Organization Project/Request Amount Awarded
North Shore Health Care Foundation Oral Health Task Force -dental care for low income children $5,000.00
Great Expectations School Rain gear for 1st & 2nd grade students $1205.64
Chikwauk Museum Education and learning materials $1,100.00
Cook Count Extension Community Gardens -garden space expansion $1,700.00
Soil and Water Conservation District Community watershed engagement activities $2,992.00
Cook County Community Center Youth Baseball Little League Field storage and scoreboard $1,000.00
Cook County Community Education Day camp & afterschool program scholarships $2,500.00
Grand Portage Elderly Nutrition Program Quilting and art supplies $1,274.00
Cook County Local Energy Project Curriculum and speakers for 2020 Builders Workshop $2,000.00
Schroeder Historical Society Electrifying Cook County exhibit $822.00
Total Funds Awarded 2019 $19,593.64

Interested in applying for Operation Round Up grants in 2020? Check Arrowhead Electric Cooperative’s Operation Round Up site for more information in the new year.